Homecoming 2013 Photo Gallery
Thanks to Merrill Shea Photography for the Celebration Dinner photos. Watch the Celebration dinner videos and check out photos of Dr. Lowell Hall's retirement luncheon.

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Ruth Ann (Stetson, 65) Ayres and Ron Ayres (64) with Debra (Price, 78) Fehr and David Fehr (78)
President McGee with Gaytha (Gutshall, 63) Langlois, Alumna of the Year
President McGee with Carolyn (Lanpher, 61) Waterman, recipient of the Lifetime Service Award
2003 graduates Angie Carr and Nick Mucci receive Emerging Leader Awards from President McGee at the Celebration Dinner
Dr. McGee with Hall of Fame inductee Robert Hutchison
Dr. McGee with Mark DeMichael (88), recipient of an Achievement Award
Michael (77) and Christie (Shugrue, 78) Cnossen, Lynnette (Chatto, 75) McCabe, James (85) and Susan (Vatral, 83) Hammer
Stacey (Reed, 93) Barker, Saorina and Ken LeBeau (93), and Wade Thompson (93)
Celebrating Priscilla (Cubie 88) Vining and her Achievement Award
Dr. Jim Cameron with Lifetime Service Award recipient Carolyn (Lanpher, 61) Waterman
Andrew and Judi (Wooster, 83) Sifferd
Dick Pritchard (67) and Scott Turcott (82), Vice President for Institutional Advancement, lead the Celebration Dinner program.
Meghan Reardon (04), Director of Alumni Relations
Alumni Association President Janelle (Nielson, 93) Beiler speaks about Rick Harmon, Director of Food Services, and his dedication to ENC
Rick Harmon is inducted into the ENC Alumni Association as an Honorary Alumnus
President Corlis McGee talks about another honorary alum, Peggy Ladue, who loved supporting ENC students with scholarship funds
Angie Carr (03) accepts the Emerging Leader Award for her rising career in music
Nick Mucci, Emerging Leader Award recipient, talks about his experience at ENC
Angie Carr sings with the A Cappella Choir
The A Cappella Choir sings "America the Beautiful"
Hall of Fame inductee Rob Hutchison (95) thanks "Doc D" for her support during and after his ENC years
Dr. McGee presents Achievement Awards to Kristy Kottis (83, center) and Priscilla (Cubie, 88) Vining (left)
The Gospel Choir performs for ENC alumni and friends
Mike Payne leads the Gospel Choir
Alumna of the Year, Gaytha (Gutshall, 63) Langlois, talks about her ENC experience
Carolyn (Lanpher, 61) Waterman accepts her Lifetime Service Award
Professor Emeriti talk about their years of teaching at ENC. L-R: Dr. Lowell Hall (59), Chemistry; Dr. Jim Cameron (51), History; Dr. Richard Fish (66), Psychology; Dr. Brady Millican, Music
Dr. Fish talks about teaching students over his 42 years at ENC
Dr. Hall shows off his mug of St. Peter
Dr. Cameron discusses the legacy of ENC
Austin Steelman (13) talks about life after graduation at Harvard Law School
Students talk about their ENC experience and the impact of scholarships
Alumni visit the tables and talk about the importance of investing in current and future students
Alumni and friends sing the Alma Mater together
Dr. Ken Mills, Chair of the Board of Trustees, gives the final prayer
Stopping for a photo
Brian Massey (93), Paul Wilson (93), Corey MacPherson (96)
Phil Nase (09), Jan Dunlop, Laura (Bragg, 08) Nase, Ashley (Cornell, 10) Stanford, and Jeremy Stanford (09)
Ryan Scott (03), Nick Mucci (03), Jason McPherson (04)
Sarah Troxler (09) plays a number of selections during Java and Jazz
Jonathan Ardrey (09) takes a picture of his parents, Brenda and Ken Ardrey (72), with Dan (72, 01) and Lynnette (Chatto, 75) McCabe
Class of 1948 - 65 year reunion
Class of 1953 - 60 year reunion
Class of 1958 - 55 year reunion
Class of 1963 - 50 year reunion
Class of 1968 - 45 year reunion
Class of 1973 - 40 year reunion
Class of 1978 - 35 year reunion
Class of 1983 - 30 year reunion
Class of 1988 - 25 year reunion
Class of 1993 - 20 year reunion
Class of 1998 - 15 year reunion
Class of 2003 - 10 year reunion
Class of 2008 - 5 year reunion
Young Alumni gathering
A beautiful crisp fall morning
Chatting in front of Gardner Hall
Alumni baseball game on Bradley Field
Friends and family gather around campus
Eric Hughes (95) speaks about Hall of Fame inductee Rob Hutchison (95) as Mark Brown (93) looks on
Dr. Nancy Detwiler presents Rob Hutchison with the Hall of Fame plaque
Rob Hutchison (95) and Dr. Nancy (Baird, 63) Detwiler
Donna (Fandel, 78) Wilfong and Robert Hutchison (95) join other Hall of Fame inductees
Catching up
President Corlis McGee and Dr. Nancy Detwiler enjoy the festivities!
Dr. McGee welcomes Gaytha (Gutshall, 63) Langlois into the Gold Club
Enjoying their 50th reunion!
Alumni Artisan Gallery: Dan Chung (85, 88)
Alumni Artisan Gallery: Dawn Marie Miltion Ennis (93)
Alumni Artisan Gallery: Jewelry by Jill Gallant-Shaw (00)
Enjoying the fall day
Balloon arch welcoming visitors to the SGA Tailgate Fair at Veterans Memorial Stadium!
Brenna Campbell (14) sells goodies at the street fair along with lots of other clubs and organizations
A future Lion!
Women's Soccer won 1-0 in overtime!
Hey, Lion!
Jonathan Ardrey (09), Andrew Neves (09), and Jennifer Thompson (11)
A crowd lines the walk between the vendors
Selling cotton candy!
Selling goods for the Boo Radley Society, a group that promotes positivity through random acts of kindness
Having fun in the photo booth area!
Raising money for the Freshmen Class!
This looks serious (sort of)
Spencer Shaw (15) and Brent Neely (14) enjoy the day
Victorious Lions!
Young families catch up
Corey MacPherson (96) and Stephen Wilson (91)
Rummaging through "vintage" t-shirts
Catching up overlooking the soccer game
Paul Sapp (09) and Katelyn (Crouse, 08) Guimaraes
ENC Archives exhibit on Dr. Ruth Cameron
Myrta Tasker, Erin McCoy, Fred (57)  and Bea (Wycoff, 57) Wenger and James Tasker (61)
Students visit the Dr. Cameron exhibit
Dr. Ruth Cameron exhibit
ENC Society dinner
ENC Society dinner
Spencer Shaw (15) talks about the importance of scholarship funds for his ENC experience

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