FUSION Application
In addition to this online form, please complete a  Statement of Faith Form pdflogo  and deliver it to Spiritual Development Office.

Also, please have each of your references complete a FUSION Character Recommendation Form pdflogo and send it to the Spiritual Development Office.

All applicants are required to have health coverage from ENC or a major medical insurance policy.
Birth date*
Trip preference*
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Interviews will be conducted in the form of a group interview. Please indicate which days work better for your schedule*
Write a brief statement of how you came to know Jesus Christ personally.*
Have you had any leadership experience? Explain.*
Describe your relationship with God right now? What has He been teaching you?)*
Regarding Short-Term Missions, what do you see as your strengths and weaknesses?*
Have you had any cross-cultural experiences?*
Have you had any missions or ministry experiences (including on-campus ministries)? Explain.*
What do you hope to gain from this experience?*
How will ENC benefit from your participation in this trip?*
Are you willing to follow project policies and leadership even though you might not totally agree with him/her in every situation?*
Give a recent example of a conflict with someone in authority. How did you deal with the conflict?*
List any relevant skills.*

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