Discovering Your Purpose

Was your journey significantly impacted by someone else’s generosity? Did God provide a means for you to attend ENC, even when you felt finances would not allow? If so, click here to discover the ways you could help a current student who needs financial assistance. Ready to make a gift? Here are some Ways to Give to ENC today!

Not able to give financially right now? Invest in other ways: 

Pray - Our students, faculty, staff, trustees, Foundation Board and local churches appreciate all prayers on their behalf. Pick one group in the ENC community to pray for each day – God can do amazing things! 

Network - Use your network connections to help current students find internships or job opportunities. Contact Career Services  if you know of available positions or would like to help. 

Refer a Student – Each year, alumni & friends introduce us to some of our most talented students. If you know someone who is searching for college information, encourage them to contact us or Refer a Student online to give us their information. 

Refer a Donor – Know someone who is looking for a place to invest their financial resources? Encourage them to invest in the mission of ENC! Know someone who can afford to give a little more? Tell them about the ENC Society and encourage them to join. If you want to give us more information, by email to the Office of Development. 

Shareabout how scholarships impacted your journey at ENC. Stories can be used to recruit students or encourage others to give.  

Volunteer – Interested in planning or helping out at an ENC event? Live in the area and want to volunteer for a few hours each week? Contact the to find out ways you can lend a helping hand!

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