Every Class A Scholarship Story

ECAS Timeline & Milestones

At the suggestion of class advisor Dr. Charles Akers, the Class of 1957 makes the first gift of its kind: a class scholarship.

Class of 1957

Class of 1944 launches its class scholarship at its 50th reunion.

Members of the Class of 1957 re-initiate fundraising for their class scholarship, to bring the total to the $10,000 now required for endowment status. Class of 1965 begins the endowment journey.

Class of 1968 joins the class scholarship effort.

More classes jump on the scholarship bandwagon: Classes of 1959 and 1964 initiate endowments. Less than 10 years later, both scholarships are fully endowed. The Class of 1999 is encouraged to make a scholarship its class gift, with the promise of a matching gift. Today, the 1999 class scholarship is funded at more than $20,000.

Class of 1999
1999 Class President Londie Roque who led the class scholarship initiative

The Every Class a Scholarship (ECAS) initiative is born. Every Homecoming for the next five years becomes the vehicle for introducing ECAS to every graduated class.

2003 Seed Money
The Alumni Council votes unanimously to plant $50 in seed money in every class that has not yet started a scholarship.

The Class of 1982 is the first to become endowed since the launching of the ECAS initiative.

The year of their 60th reunion, the Class of 1944 Scholarship crests the $50,000 mark – the first class to do so.

The classes of 1944, 1957 and 1959 are the first class scholarships to be awarded to students, totaling $4,300 in financial aid that year.

Total giving to ECAS reaches the $250,000 milestone!

The Class of 1955 becomes the first to endow a scholarship within the year prior to their 50th reunion.

Total giving has doubled to reach the $500,000 milestone!

In less than a year, the Class of 1957 raises $15,000 for their scholarship, surpassing their first goal of $50,000 by their 50th reunion, and their second goal, “$57,000 for the Class of ’57 Scholarship.” They become the first class to surpass $60,000.

The Class of 1986 becomes the “quickest” to endow their class scholarship – it took a mere few months!

Five years after ECAS has been launched, 66 graduating classes have begun class scholarships. Sixteen of these are at endowed status. Twelve class scholarships are awarded in the 2007-08 academic year for a total of nearly $12,000 in financial aid to students!

The Class of 2009 becomes the first to present a fully-endowed class scholarship as their senior gift at Commencement!

Class of 2009
President Corlis McGee with Izirlei "Junior" Guimaraes, 2009 Senior Class President

Total giving to ECAS reaches the $750,000 milestone!

The Class of 1957 becomes the first to crest $100,000 in value. With the endowment of the Class of 1952, the decade of the 1950s becomes the first to fully endow all its scholarships.

The Class of 1957 starts the Second Class of 1957 Scholarship which they fully endow in just over a year’s time.

The 1960s become the second decade to fully endow all their scholarships.

Becoming the second class in ECAS history to do so, the Class of 2012 presents a fully-endowed class scholarship at Commencement!

Class of 2012
President McGee with 2012 Class President Bruce Faulkner

ECAS surpasses its goal of $1,000,000 in total value in 10 years! This achievement is celebrated at the Homecoming 2012 Celebration Dinner.

ECAS Milestone
Ruth Ann (Stetson, 65) Ayres, head of the ECAS initiative, presents President McGee with a check for over $1,000,000 representing the total value of the scholarship program

In the 2012-13 academic year, 36 class scholarships are awarded, totaling over $35,000 in financial aid to students. Over the last eight years, a total of over $155,000 in class scholarship financial aid has been awarded to students.

Later that year the Class of 1950 becomes the first to have 100% of its living & contactable members participate in giving to the class scholarship.

The focus of ECAS shifts to partnering with every class that chooses to make a scholarship endowment their senior class gift. The goal is to encourage them to start while they are freshmen and aim high so that their fund will be endowed or close to it before they leave the campus as graduates. That encouragement comes in the form of matching funds from the Alumni Council and from other alumni who have generously offered additional matching funds to help students and future class scholarships succeed.

The Class of 2014 becomes the third class in ECAS history to present a fully endowed scholarship at Commencement!


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