Nick Mucci
Nick Mucci
Emerging Leader Award

After graduating from ENC in 2003 with a BA in Liberal Arts, Nick Mucci took a position as the associate pastor in Massapequa Park on Long Island. While there, he started his pursuit of a Master’s of Divinity in Intercultural Studies at Nazarene Theological Seminary, which he received in 2008.

In 2005, Nick moved to Kansas City to finish his degree. The following year, he married Mandy Ziebart and together they moved to North Portland, OR in 2008. Desiring to love and serve this diverse community, they held weekly cook-outs at their house for families from more than 20 countries and cultures. They spent time partnering with Bridgetown Inc. (a ministry to inner-city families and homeless) and built deep friendships with many who were serving Christ.

It was in 2009 that God began to call Nick into a life of mentoring and serving the young men in his community. This led to the formation of the B. Moore Project (BMP), a ministry to encourage and equip young men to “be more.” Through his work with BMP, Nick collaborated with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), which has since hired him to drive their ministry in inner-city Portland communities. Shortly before joining FCA, Nick was ordained by the Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene. Serving multiple high schools and youth organizations, Nick seeks to disciple and love the athletes and coaches who can be change agents within their schools and communities. He is working with multiple local churches to connect them with their middle and high schools to foster loving/serving relationships.

Nick and Mandy have three wonderful children, Dominick, Eli, and Mia.