Jerold J. McCloy
Alumnus of the Year

Jerold J. McCloy (65), an Eastern Nazarene College Professor Emeritus of Mathematics since 2002, served 32 years as a professor of mathematics and computer science. As a student at ENC, Jerry played four years as a forward on the Crusader basketball team and earned 961 points as a foul-shooter, (and averaged 20 points a game his senior year). He graduated with a degree in math and went on to complete post-graduate work at Temple University. There he received a PhD in Mathematics with a concentration in Combinatoric Group Theory. Jerry and his wife, Marti (Smith, 65), returned to ENC where they were resident counselors in Memorial Hall for 5 years. During his tenure Jerry started a cross country team in 1973, which he coached for 6 years; and later he served as the assistant basketball coach for 7 years.

In 1980, Jerry went back to school, attending Boston University, the Wang Institute of Technology, and UMass where he completed a Masters degree in Computer Science and received the Outstanding Student award. Jerry then went on to forge the Computer Science program at ENC with a focus on real-world application. Through his affiliations with Motorola, Jerry was able to build a state-of-the-art computer lab through donated office and lab equipment. Jerry retired from ENC in 2002, and later from Motorola in 2003 where he was a principal engineer for 14 years in the automating of manufacturing processes and system engineering. Since then Jerry has been busy making a career of golf which he plays, rain or shine, nine months of the year. Jerry was an original member of the Crusader reunion that gathers every spring in Hilton Head, SC.