Carl E. Crouthamel
Lifetime Service Award

Carl E. Crouthamel (42), nuclear research chemist, graduated from high school in Lansdale, Pennsylvania in 1938 and attended Boston University for two years before enrolling at and graduating from ENC with a BS degree. Carl returned to Boston University for graduate work where he received Master’s degrees in science and math. After completing those studies, he went to Iowa and to Chicago to work in the Manhattan District secret nuclear program with Fermi, working on various assignments including making high purity uranium metal ingots for the first nuclear reactors and the production of pure uranium. His work on the Manhattan Project helped end World War II. While at the University of Chicago, he made the first lithium battery. After serving as a naval officer in World War II, with a special assignment relating to the bombing of Japan, Carl completed his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and physics at Iowa State University. In May of 2005, Carl received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Eastern Nazarene College. Carl has established scholarships at ENC in the names of his parents, Mervin D. and Helen R. Crouthamel, and in the name of his first wife, Marion Phillips Crouthamel (44), and also contributed generously for the renovation of Shrader Hall.

He worked at the Argonne National Laboratory of the University of Chicago where he published 132 research papers in international journals and edited or wrote seven books before working for Exxon Nuclear as Research Director from 1973 to 1983 in nuclear fuel fabrication. Upon leaving Argonne, he was commended for his ‘creativity, enterprise and leadership’ while working there. After two more years with Argonne Laboratory, he retired but then continued to work as a consultant for Argonne and Lawrence Livermore Labs for five more years. Carl has worked on human DNA analysis and gene manipulation. He is a distinguished scholar whose words reflect his life and work: “Science reveals man to himself. His work reveals himself to others."

When living in Glenn Ellyn, a mastadon was found in his and his neighbor’s back yard. The Perry Mastadon now resides at Wheaton College in Chicago. Carl spent his free time as a woodworker. He built bookcases, lamps, a coffee table, a wall clock, a grandfather clock, and various other works of art, which are enjoyed by his family.

Carl met his first wife, Marion, at ENC while she was serving as Secretary to the ENC President, and they had three sons. He has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Marion passed away in 1991, and a year later Carl married Jeanne Habegger Boehr. They currently reside in Glendora, California.