Blair H. McKim
Lifetime Service Award

Blair H. McKim (60) was born on a farm in Three Springs, PA, the second child of seven. He was the only one of the children to attend college after being called to preach at age 19. He married Vera (Bock) in Shippensburg, PA in 1957 at the beginning of his time as an ENC student. After Blair received the BA degree from ENC, they moved to Kansas City, MO so that he could continue his graduate studies at the Nazarene Theological Seminary where he completed his work in 1964. Without children of their own, they invested their lives in serving others. Blair pastored three churches on the Upstate NY District for a total of 28 years: Vermontville, Schenectady and Niagara Falls. While pastoring, he served for 20 years on the District Advisory Board and served as District Treasurer for 26 years.

Blair also was involved in making a difference in the world as he participated in seven Work and Witness trips, providing the leadership for most of them. During that time he served his alma mater as a member of the ENC Board of Trustees for 11 years. After pastoring, Blair was employed by the International Church of the Nazarene for 10 years in the area of Planned Giving with specific responsibility for the ENC Region. During that time he and Vera established a Scholarship Fund at ENC. Having retired to Shippensburg, PA in 2002, Blair still has several responsibilities in the local church including preaching each Sunday evening and serving on the Church board, Finance Committee, and as Financial Secretary. Vera was the Upstate NY District Nazarene Missions International President for 21 years. During that time they worked as a team as she helped Blair with the District Treasurer’s work and he helped her with her NMI work. Vera passed away in December 2008.