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Bachelor of Arts in Management

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Program Overview

Format: Cohort model; classes meet once a week for 6-weeks
Length: 30 months
Credits: 60 credits
Cost Per Credit: $375
Total Estimated Program Cost: $25,331
Locations: Old Colony Campus (Quincy), Bristol Community College (Fall River), Massasoit Community College (Brockton), Quincy College (Plymouth)

Program Summary

The Bachelor of Arts in Management is designed for working adults who have already completed either an Associate degree in full or a large portion of their general education requirements. The 60-credit program seeks to help students advance in their chosen careers by developing skills and knowledge in management and general business that can be applied to a wide range of professional contexts.

The BAM program is available in a 2+2 format at Bristol Community College (Fall River, MA), Massasoit Community College (Brockton, MA) and Quincy College (Plymouth, MA); it is also available at ENC’s Old Colony Campus (Quincy, MA). Classes meet once a week over a period of 6 weeks. Students who follow the program’s schedule can expect to complete it in approximately 30 months.

Program Outcomes

1. Analyze and evaluate internal and external business environments and dynamics.
2. Analyze an organization from a strategic perspective.
3. Construct and implement solutions in the business environment.
4. Apply appropriate leadership skills and styles to effectively collaborate with others.
5. Define, describe, and apply business concepts related to management principles and human resources management.
6. Identify critical events, profound ideas, and important discoveries that changed the world and continue to resonate today.
7. Formulate multi-step strategies for locating information and/or solving problems.
8. Emulate the communication practices of both scholars and professionals.
9. Articulate the beliefs, ideals, and practices common to Christianity, despite diversity of tradition and expression.
10. Evaluate an issue of moral tension from multiple positions.
11. Collaborate respectfully with a diverse, multicultural community.

Sample of Courses

1. Principles of Management and Leadership
2. Marketing Management
3. Organizational Theory and Design
4. Training and Development

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