At Eastern Nazarene College, our competitive tuition means you’ll receive the benefits of a small, intimate learning environment, the personal attention of dedicated faculty, and the convenience of flexible schedule designed to accommodate working adults – all at a manageable cost. In addition to delivering academic excellence, Eastern Nazarene College is about value.

When looking at the cost of higher education, you must consider the value of your degree versus the cost. At ENC, our variety of accelerated degree programs allows you to select a degree that meets your personal interests and career goals in the convenience of an accelerated format. Not only do these degree programs offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum required for success in the workplace, but the practical application of everything you study allows you to begin applying course material immediately to the workplace.

And when the quality of our academics is combined with our commitment to the values of the Christian faith, you find an education that enhances you both as a professional and as a person. Adding value to our students, these faith-based principles are integrated into everything we do from building relationships with students to developing our curriculum. Our faith defines who we are and as a student you'll refine your own set of values as you examine the role of faith in the workplace. Faculty members are committed Christians who lead discussions on the ethical issues found in business and our response to those issues from a Christian viewpoint.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eastern Nazarene College is to serve God, the Church, and the World by providing a quality liberal arts education to students of all ages.


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