Cohort Structure

At ENC, we believe that part of the value we offer to our students is the personal interest we have in you as an individual. We recognize the importance of your unique goals and abilities and we desire to help you achieve success in your education. At ENC, you don’t learn as an isolated student, you learn as part of a cohort of students whose active contribution to the classroom increases your learning, encourages your success, and can even benefit you years after your graduation.

Heading up the cohort experience in class are the faculty members chosen for their professional experience and dedication to adult students. They bring to the classroom insight from their own careers that provide practical applications to the curriculum. In addition, their commitment to the values of ENC and the integration of faith into the classroom contribute to the life-changing experience you have as a student in our adult education program.

Alternative Education Programs

Even if you work full time and have family responsibilities, you can earn a degree to advance your career. Our accelerated degree programs are designed specifically for working adults and feature the convenience of evening classes attended in a single location. In addition, our supportive staff members are available to assist you as you enroll in the program of your choice and move through the financial aid process.

Contact us today at 617-774-6800 or at to learn more about our degree programs for working adults.

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