The prioress’s tale     A Chamber opera in one act



The Prioress’s Tale exists in a touring version that allows audiences to explore its complex themes in a rich and interactive way.  The performance, which features live performers in full costumes, a small number of set-pieces, and piano accompaniment, is followed by an opportunity to discuss the issues raised in the opera with the composer and artists.   The performance can be easily tailored to fit a wide variety of spaces, such as churches, synagogues, concert halls, or even a large rehearsal room/classroom (with piano.)    Dr. Delvyn Case,  professor of music at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts, can provide an array of enrichment materials that will help your audience, students, or congregation appreciate and understand opera, including preparatory reading materials, a listening/viewing guide, and a preparatory lecture/presentation about the work.

The Prioress’s Tale is a multi-dimensional work that lends itself to exploration from numerous angles. The performance/discussion is recommended for:

College- and secondary-level classes in

    English literature


    religious studies

    religious and/or medieval history

    medieval literature


    music (opera, composition, vocal performance)

Conferences/workshops on tolerance and diversity 

College- and community-based performing arts series

Interfaith initiatives sponsored by churches, synagogues, and other faith-based organizations

Please contact Delvyn Case to discuss the opportunity to provide your community or students with this unique opportunity to explore the important issues of religious tolerance and Jewish-Christian relations through a powerful work of art.   DVDs, audio recordings, and the complete libretto are available from the composer.

Delvyn Case

c/o Eastern Nazarene College Dept. of Music