Scene 2 - Excerpt (3:32)
The Christian Woman sits alone, sewing a small garment.
Christian Woman:
Bow your head and sew a prayer.
May my boy never grow old,
lose his innocence,
wear hate’s ugly face.
Keep him young, oh Lord,
press, draw, smooth,
a song?  he smiles,
a curse? he smiles,
a man weeping,
he dabs his tears and smiles.
She hears the Boy’s voice from offstage.
Here he is,
home with a smile,
perhaps some bread.
Come in my child!
Press, draw, smooth,
I have a gift for you.
Is this a game?
Come inside,
the streets are cold
and still as a tomb.
Press, draw, smooth,
let me warm your bones.
The Boy does not enter.  
You know I love to hear you sing.
Shall I follow you?
In the next scene, we see the Christian Woman singing about her love for her own son.  She, too, hears his voice from offstage, and calls for him.  When he does not come, she gets up and follows the song, hoping it will lead her to him.
The Prioress’s Tale
A Chamber Opera in One Act
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