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whether painting the vision of a hopeful future; crafting rhythms and melodies to lift the burdened soul; speaking in a steady assertive voice that calls for change; or beating the drums that dance our collective spirit to a new horizon—artists of all kinds . . . artists of all times . . . have served as vanguards. they remind us who we are. they call us into relationship. and so we dance. we celebrate. we cry. we dream. as one.

dj’s. emcees. poets. musicians. painters. photographers. dancers.  dreamers. whatever the chosen medium, they are artists alike.

and they are here.

we invite you to join them. we invite you to join us.

live @ theSPOT

theSPOT is held once a month on the campus of eastern nazarene college in quincy, ma.  each event features a live house band spoken word, live painters, photography, smoothies, desserts, coffee and much more. doors open @ 8:30 PM.  the charge is $3 for anyone who does not have an enc student id.

for more information contact kg 617-745-3598 or

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