Course Descriptions

The curriculum in this accredited program has been designed to give you all the tools you need to become a successful business leader while still maintaining a manageable time commitment. To further assist you in your studies, you will have access to our online library system that provides a database for research and study.

Course Descriptions

MS517 Organizational Theory, Behavior and Change  (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course incorporates the history, development, theory and philosophy of systems of organizations. Concepts of formalization, structure, environment, human resource, goals, power authority, and boundaries -all within a larger system context- will be explored.

MS525 Introduction to the Integrated Thesis: Research Methodology, Design, Statistics (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course acquaints students with the statistical base necessary to comprehend the meaning of common statistics used in reporting research in professional journals, comprehend the concepts of validity and reliability, and design a research project. The topic for the final integrated project or thesis will be selected and submitted for approval at this time.

MS530 Financial Issues for Managers (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course is designed to give the student a firm understanding of how to interpret financial and accounting data for planning and decision-making purposes. Viewing finance and accounting as an information system for decision making will form the framework of the course.

MS535 Economic Issues for Managers (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course assumes that the impact of economic results and indicators has direct correlation to decisions that managers constantly face. Interpreting this data is essential for future planning and the managing of current operations. A course designed to interpret these issues will greatly improve the decision-making process in management today.

MS540 Human Resource Management Seminar (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course acknowledges that today’s manager is faced with situations arising from changes in the makeup of today’s workforce as well as the many new legal requirements placed on the corporation. This seminar will deal with these issues and their implications for management in an evolving multicultural environment.

MS541 Thesis Checkpoint (1 credit)

MS545 Management Information and Decision Design (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course deals with the development, use, and management of information technology from a managerial perspective. It emphasizes both the management of information as an important corporate resource and the use of information systems to support organizational activities. The course highlights the interrelationship between the managerial process and information technology.

MS550 Foundations of Leadership Theory (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course describes theories of leadership, studies the relationship between leadership style and organizational change, and examines the implementation of a leader’s vision. Students will develop the capacity to integrate and synthesize existing leadership theories and formulate new ones; clarify and critique their own perspectives on the functions of leadership; apply leadership theories and lessons to a specific problem or challenge in one’s area of interest; and develop essential leadership and administrative skills through study, observation, and application.

MS552 Ethical Leadership (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course explores the issues of ethical and moral development relevant to formulating a personal philosophy of leadership and administration and to developing a continuing renewal of personal and professional growth for oneself and others. Students will analyze their own values and ethics through interactive discussions and projects and will develop an integrative approach to ethics from a leadership perspective, which emphasizes fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity.

MS553 Leadership in the Global Marketplace (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course examines the process of identifying problems and achieving solutions consistent with an organization’s vision. During this course, the student uses critical thinking and analytic reasoning to achieve leadership effectiveness in a global market. This course provides a comprehensive approach to long-term program planning and strategic leadership.

MS554 Applied Leadership Strategy and Policy (4 credits, 8 weeks)
This course offers a supervised, advanced study experience in recent developments, issues, and trends in leadership and administration and provides opportunities to pursue, under the direction of an instructor, an area of special leadership interest to the student. This course highlights the role of organizational leadership in integration with all the previous course work. The course will highlight strategic design, organizational leadership strategy, and organizational and public policy.

MS562 Marketing Communications (3 credits, 6 weeks)
This course examines the numerous methods used to communicate with customers. Communication topics such as public relations, selling, advertising, and promotion will be explored. The design and development of a communication strategy will be analyzed, resulting in the formulation of specific marketing communication programs.

MS565 Thesis (2 credits)

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