General Music Requirements


Piano for Music Majors
All Music majors whose applied area is not piano are required to take Piano Class or one credit hour of piano per semester until the approved proficiency level is met. Information on the piano proficiency exam can be requested through the music office.

Jury Performances
All Music majors are required to perform for a jury at the close of each semester. Those taking applied lessons that are not majors may be required by their instructor to perform a jury.

Ear Training for Music Majors
All music majors will take four semesters of Ear Training. At the close of the sophomore year, the music faculty will determine whether a Music major has attained the level of a beginning professional musician. If the student is deemed to have a deficiency, more courses/training may be required.

Junior/Senior Recital
All music majors are required to present a Junior and/or Senior recital depending on the specific major. Specific requirements can be found in the department handbook or by requesting information from the music office. Students preparing a recital are required to submit a printed preview of their recital at the conclusion of the semester prior to the planned date of performance. Approval of the recital by the faculty must be granted before the recital can be presented.

Comprehensive Exam
All Music Education majors are required to pass a comprehensive exam in music theory and music history.

Applied Music
Music majors seeking a B.S. or B.Mus. degree are required to take two hours of applied study per semester during the entire length of their degree program. B.A. degree seeking students are encouraged to take two hours of applied lessons each semester, but only one hour is required. Fees for applied lessons are as follows: $275/semester for 1 credit; $475/semester for 2 credits; in addition there is a $50 facility usage fee.

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