Program Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a teaching career must gain licensure from the state where they will be employed. Each state’s licensure requirements differ, but graduates of Eastern Nazarene College who have completed the undergraduate or graduate teacher education program are eligible to be licensed in over 30 states and Washington, DC, because ENC is an approved member of the Interstate Certification Compact. The Teacher Education Program at Eastern Nazarene College exceeds the licensure requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ENC’s education program is designed with these requirements in mind, incorporating the newest methods of teacher preparation which are gaining increasing support throughout the United States. All students seeking licensure by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must have an undergraduate liberal arts/science major. Students not having an undergraduate liberal arts/science major must complete the necessary work to achieve equivalency. Education licensure programs described in the 2016-2017 catalog may be subject to revision based on any Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education directives.

Liberal Arts Major - Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (TSMD)
Students who seek general licensure in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and/or Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (Pre K-8 and 5-12) must successfully complete the Liberal Arts major outlined in each set of degree requirements. Students must follow the designated Liberal Arts major.

Second Major - Subject Area Licensure - Middle School and Secondary Education

The following majors qualify for students who wish to gain subject area licensure for the secondary (8–12) level: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, and Physics.

The following majors qualify for students who wish to gain subject area licensure for the middle school (5-8) level: English and History.

Music Education, All Levels
Please refer to degree requirements and course descriptions under the Music Department.

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