Chemistry Beyond ENC

Planning for Graduate Work in Chemistry or Related Disciplines

ENC is fully accredited. Graduates in Chemistry have been accepted at the best graduate schools in chemistry, medicine, and dentistry. A person with solid and broad graduate training in chemistry is prepared to take advantage of a wide variety of professional opportunities in industry, academia, government laboratories, and research institutes.

Modern chemistry is a dynamic discipline for which an undergraduate degree provides a framework on which to build. Graduate training is a virtual necessity if you are to become proficient enough with the discipline in order to become a participant in chemical research and the development of new knowledge. Graduate work is challenging. You must have a strong work ethic and a sincere interest in the process of scientific discovery.

At Eastern Nazarene College , we prepare you with all the skills and background necessary to consider graduate work in chemistry or related disciplines, such as biochemistry or other biological sciences, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, toxicology, forensic science, materials science, chemical physics, and the environmental sciences. In the past 15 years the majority of the graduates from the Department of Chemistry have gone to graduate school to earn doctoral degrees, including medical degrees. More than 90% of those ENC students who apply for graduate education are accepted into programs at schools such as: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University of North Carolina, Princeton, Penn-State, Indiana, Northeastern, Michigan State, Duke, Syracuse, Cornell, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Kansas, Boston College, Case-Western, Dartmouth, Purdue, Albert Einstein, Temple and others.

Planning for a career in the Medical Professions

Eastern Nazarene College has a strong program which prepares you for entrance to a wide variety of medical, pharmacy, or dental schools. Students are often surprised to learn that they can major in a number of different disciplines and meet the entrance requirements for these schools. Chemistry at ENC is one of those disciplines designed to successfully prepare you for a career in the medical professions. A Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is here to guide you through the process.

Most medical schools and health graduate programs require 2 courses in General Chemistry, 2 courses in Organic Chemistry, 2 courses in Introductory Biology, 2 courses in General Physics, 2 courses in English, and often 1 course in Calculus.

Placement Success

Our chemistry majors have found exciting, and profitable ways to serve using their chemistry degree.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Merck; Immunogen, Albany Molecular
  • Government: NIST, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Chemical industry: Chemical Abstracts Service, Merck Chemical, DuPont, Johnson Labs
  • Medical Field: Hershey Medical Center, Practicing Doctors and Dentists across the nation
  • K-12 education: Secondary schools across the nation


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