Build practical business skills to help you move your career forward, even as a busy, working adult. The Associate of Arts in General Business program at ENC is offered in a convenient schedule that allows you to attend college without giving up your important work and family commitments.

The (AA) Degree Completion Program is a professional academic program for adult students. It is a 63 semester hour curriculum with a liberal arts core that stresses the development of analytical skills in the areas of written and oral communications, management, accounting, and economics.

Freshman Program Requirement
  • Designed for students with little or no previous college experience.
  • Transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges require a minimum grade of C- and an evaluation by the admissions office.
  • There is a seven-year limit on credits that can be transferred for duplicate core courses.
Associate Degree Requirements
  • Successful completion of 63 credit hours. (A minimum of 21 credits completed at ENC.)
  • A minimum of 24 credits in Business. (A minimum of 15 credits completed at ENC.)
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Payment of all tuition and fees.

Liberal Arts Courses
CC100 Adult Learners Seminar
CH201 Environmental Science
CO106 Speech Communications
EN100 English Composition I
MA107 Contemporary Math for Business
BL202 Introduction to the Bible
PS101 Adult Development
EN102 English Composition II
EN200 Great Writers of England and America
HI105 U.S. History in the Twentieth Century
HI205 Introduction to American Government and Politics
CO203 Introduction to Theatre
MU204 Introduction to Music
PH207 Introduction to Philosophy
SO206 Multicultural Relations

Core Courses
BS110 Introduction to Accounting
BS250 Small Business Management
BS280 International Business
BS215 Government and Business Policy
BS100 Introduction to Business
BS224 Principles of Marketing
BS240 Foundations of Leadership
BS105 Economics and Society

An Accredited Degree Program

As a student in this program, you'll benefit from outstanding curriculum taught by faculty members with practical experience as business professionals. You'll also study with other students who, like yourself, are returning to college as an adult. Their varied backgrounds ensure a diverse classroom and can spark dynamic discussions that increase your learning.

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