Campus Residency


At Eastern Nazarene College, we believe that residential living is an integral part of the ENC experience, that everyday relationships not only enrich academic life but also foster personal and spiritual growth in every student. We therefore encourage all who are able to live on-campus to do so.

Living on Campus

Eastern Nazarene College maintains one on-campus apartment building and five single-sex residence halls with visitation hours. The full-time Resident Directors (RDs) who live in each residence hall are employed by the Student Development Office (SDO) at Eastern Nazarene College and are responsible for creating and maintaining an environment for the best development of each resident of the College. The student Resident Assistants (RAs) who reside on each floor in every residence hall are upperclassmen employed to assist RDs. Like most residential liberal arts colleges, a curfew system is in place at Eastern Nazarene. At ENC, it has been designed to provide each and every student with a degree of individual freedom while simultaneously allowing all students to demonstrate personal honesty, discipline, and responsibility. The Student Government Association (SGA) also sponsors weekly open dorms.

shieldsMemorial & Shields Halls house upperclassmen and freshmen, respectively, and are residence halls for male students only. Memorial Hall is named in honor of those who served and died in the Second World War. Shields Hall is named in honor of the first president of Eastern Nazarene College, Frederick James Shields. In Memorial Hall, there is a combination of one-person and two-person rooms. In Shields Hall, two men share each room. In both Memorial & Shields Halls, there is a shared bathroom on each floor, as well as a lounge. A prayer room and a conference/study room is shared by all floors, and there is a parlor in Memorial Hall.
munroMunro Hall was the first building constructed by Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts and is named for the founding dean of the College, Bertha Munro. Munro Hall houses female upperclassmen only and has a combination of single, double, and triple suites. There are two shared bathrooms and one lounge/prayer room on each floor. There is a kitchenette and one large parlor, which are both shared by all the residents of Munro Hall.
williamsonSpangenberg & Williamson Halls are named for Alice Spangenberg and Esther Williamson, both distinguished long-time professors of English and Music at Eastern Nazarene College. "Spange & Willy" house sophomores and freshmen, respectively, and are residence halls for female students only. Two women share each room and there is a shared bathroom on each floor, as well as a lounge. A prayer room and a conference/study room is shared by all floors, and there is a parlor and kitchenette in Spangenberg Hall.
youngYoung Hall is a college-owned apartment building located on the main campus. Depending on availability, housing may be available here for married students or for older students enrolled in the Traditional Undergraduate Division at Eastern Nazarene College, at a rate significantly lower than off-campus apartments in the area. Each unit has one bedroom, a bathroom, a full kitchen, and a living room. Married students are not required to live on-campus, but those who are interested in living in Young Hall file an application with the Facilities Management Office.

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