Warren Business Forum

Thank you for attending the annual Warren Business Forum! ENC's business division was proud to welcome Kurt Heckman, President of vCalc as the keynote speaker. His address, "Rising with Innovation" is available on YouTube.

Kurt Heckman graduated from ENC in 1984 with a B.S. in mathematics. He worked in the engineering field for 12 years before becoming the president and co-founder of Sycamore Services, a software service company that he started in 1996. Sycamore provided the federal government and commercial clients with services such as software engineering and communications solutions, which provided aerospace and cyber security software for companies such as General Electric and government agencies such as NASA. Heckman started the company with his partner by recruiting seven hard working and ethical individuals from his personal social network providing good pay, benefits, employee owned stock, and an attractive company environment. Sycamore eventually grew to 160 employees and sold to KEYW in November of 2010. Additionally, Heckman spent the past fifteen years on developing vCalc, an online web based calculator that provides an easy to use interface and a comprehensive database for all things math related. They are interested in "doing for calculators what Wikipedia did for encyclopedias", making it usable for a wide variety of fields such as piano tuners, jewelers and construction workers.


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