Dr. John U. Free Seminar Series Archive


The annual John U. Free Seminar Series encourages collaboration and information sharing between departments, students, and alumni and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.

Spring 2016 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

Dates Presenters Topics and Abstracts (PDF)

Jan. 29

Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
~ Earthquake forecasting: How far have we come since 2011

Feb. 12 Dr. Matthew Watterman
~ Chromosome abnormality delineation using next generation sequencing

Feb. 18
Invited Speaker - Dr. Eli Brookner
~ Phase Array Radars, Past Present and Future

Feb. 25
Dr. Phil LaFountain
Associate Professor of Theology
~ Building a Lehman Seismometer for Amateur Contribution to PSN

Feb. 26
Invited Speaker - Dr. David Vogan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
~ Finite matrix analogues of the Heisenberg "canonical commutation relations"

Mar. 04 Invited Speaker - Dr. Robert Daniel
~ Remote Sensing of the Upper Atmosphere from Geostationary Orbit

Apr. 08

Andrew Hudson (15)
Rickey Crepin (15)

~ Stabilizing the blood sugar level in the human body, without self-injection
~ Sustainable and Renewable energy Traffic Light for used in remote cities

Apr. 15 Jonathan Lee (15)
Sam Doody (15)
~ Advanced liquid cooling solution for mobile devices
~ Rechargeable hearing aid with real time tracking, alarm and power monitor

Apr. 22
Drew Lester (15)
Joshua Lojzim (15)
~ The impact of a concussion
~ Mathematical modeling capabilities and differences
between the Fourier and Wavelet transforms applied to medical imaging

Spring 2015 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

To watch the presentations, please visit ENC's YouTube Channel.

Dates Presenters Topics and Abstracts (PDF)

Jan. 30

Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
Summary of Undergraduate Research (2012-2014) at ENC on Earthquake Monitoring and Predictions

Feb. 6 Invited Speaker - Dr. Douglas B. Kitchen ('82)
Albany Molecular
Research Incorporation
Computational Chemistry and Structural Biology in Drug Discover Research

Feb. 13 Dr. Jill Macko
Vapor-Processed Organic Photovoltaics: Towards Efficient Solar Energy Conversion from Any Surface

Feb. 20
Invited Speaker - Dr. Peter Macko
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
A Persistent, Mutable Representation for Graphs

Feb. 27
Christopher Preble (15)
Anthony Berroa (15)
7 Ban Equalizer Design
Bat Speed Detecting Home Plate

Mar. 6 Betsy James (15)

Gregory Parenteau (15)

The Sound of a Mother's Heart

Wireless Mouse Design Based on an Energy Coil System

Mar. 27

Invited Speaker - Dr. Jonathan Mboyo Esole
Department of Mathematics
Harvard University

Geometry of elliptic fibrations as seen from the point of view of String Theory
Apr. 10 Daniel Burley (15)
Christopher White (15)
Dinesh Manandhar (15)
Multipath Detection and Mitigation
Radio Detection Ranging (RaDAR) Identification System

Solar Device Charging Case

Apr. 17
Charles Holt (15)
John Hughes (15)
Oculus Rift Virtual Reality for 3D Gaming
GPS Data and Potential Correlation with Seismic Activities

Spring 2014 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

To watch the presentations, please visit ENC's YouTube Channel.

Dates      Presenters Topics and Abstracts (PDF)
February 7      Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely

Recent Developments in Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction 

February 14      Dr. Marcus Fries

Cryptocurrencies and a Discussion of Bitcoin 

February 21      Dr. Carrie Read Spray

Cu2O and Delafossite Based Electrodes in Solar Energy Conversion  

February 28      Dr. Joseph Williams

Lighting Candles in the Dark 

March 7      Matthew Jayne (14)
     Michael Bechard (14)
USB Charging System for Multispeed Bicycles

Instead of Flicking a Switch, Just Open the Door 

March 28      Invited Speaker - Dr. David Vogan
     Professor of Mathematics
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Inflatable Mathematics 

April 4      Weston Jordan (14)
     Joel Schaffer (14)
Computational Complexity of Inverse Problems

An Improved Method for Fast Paced Stat Keeping

April 11      Jacob Misla (14)
     Ryan Piesco (14)

Remote Controlled Side View Mirrors for Improved Driving Conditions
APT Test as a Means to Improve Education Through Technology

Spring 2013 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

To watch the presentations, please visit ENC's YouTube Channel.

Dates Presenters Topics
February 21   
Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely

Tomography Applied to Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction

February 22   
Dr. Marcus Fries

Representations of SL-2 and SL-3

March 15 Dr. Sultan Jenkins

C. Elegans as a Model for Obesity Research

March 22 Haywood Satz
Invited Speaker

Orbit Determination of Space Objects

April 5 Michael O'Brien (13)
John Keller (13)
Senior Research Presentations
April 12 Kyle DiCamillo (13)
Charles Brecht (13)
Senior Research Presentations
Abstract DiCamillo
Abstract Brecht

April 19

Payne Ford (13)
Jean Baptiste Brevil (13)
Austin Steelman (13)

Senior Research Presentations
April 26 Jacob LeVasseur (13)
Joseph Hammerstrom (13)    
Senior Research Presentations and Dinner

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