Dr. John U. Free Seminar Series 2013 Archive

Spring 2013 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

To watch the presentations, please visit ENC's YouTube Channel.

Dates Presenters Topics
February 21 Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
Tomography Applied to Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction
February 22 Dr. Marcus Fries
Representations of SL-2 and SL-3
March 15 Dr. Sultan Jenkins
C. Elegans as a Model for Obesity Research
March 22 Haywood Satz
Invited Speaker
Orbit Determination of Space Objects
April 5 Michael O'Brien, John Keller  Senior Research Presentations
April 12 Kyle DiCamillo, Charles Brecht Senior Research Presentations
Abstract DiCamillo
Abstract Brecht
April 19 Payne Ford, Jean Baptiste Brevil, Austin Steelman Senior Research Presentations
April 26 Jacob LeVasseur, Joseph Hammerstrom Senior Research Presentations and Dinner

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