Endowments, Scholarships, Memorials and Other Funds

ENC Fund

Gifts to the ENC Fund (annual fund) are unrestricted and directly benefit the students. Since the beginning of fiscal year 2009, all gifts to the ENC Fund have gone directly to scholarships for our new and returning students.

Unrestricted General

Gifts to this fund are considered unrestricted and, as a result, offset unexpected needs of the College as well as day-to-day operations. These funds will be expended only after careful consideration is given to the priority needs of the College.


Endowments are established with the intent that their principal plus earnings will be used to calculate the amount available to utilize each year. There are many different kinds of endowments, including scholarships, lecture series, professorships, and endowed chairs. The principal (donated) amount for each endowment is utilized to determine and allocate growth according to policies established by ENC’s Foundation and Board of Trustees. In order to make the available amount sufficient for use each year, ENC has a minimum endowment level which can be achieved over five years. In years where monies are contributed to the endowed fund, the amount available for use each year goes up proportionately. Please see Endowment Information for a complete description of endowments at ENC including how they are established and funded.

Additionally, if you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship, please print and complete the Scholarship Worksheet and return to the Office of Development.

Every Class A Scholarship

The vision of the Every Class A Scholarship initiative (ECAS) is to encourage every class, past and present, to provide ENC with an endowed scholarship as their class gift. Typically, the traditional gifts of the past, while useful and deeply appreciated, have not always stood the test of time. An endowment becomes a lasting legacy, which gives and grows for decade to come. Launched at the 2002 Homecoming Celebration, ECAS continues to thrive as an increasing number of alumni catch the vision of investing in their class fund.

The ECAS initiative has surpassed $1,000,000 in total value! Where does your class stand? Click on this link to find out!

Annually Funded Scholarships

Annually Funded Scholarships are established with the intent that their principal (donated amount) is awarded annually to students who meet certain criteria. ENC’s Scholarship Award Committee will determine eligible candidates based upon the stated criteria. When the scholarship is established, it is with the commitment of the donor to fund the scholarship each year. The annual scholarship amount is predetermined by the donor and agreed to by ENC. The total of all gifts made by April 15 are used to fund the scholarship in the following academic year. Please see Annually Funded Scholarship Information for more detailed information.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Making a gift in honor or memory of a loved one or friend is a great way to honor their legacy and make a lasting impact. These gifts can be made in lieu of flowers or gifts for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or funerals. Memorial and honor gifts will be directed to the corresponding family scholarship (if one is established). All other memorial and honor gifts will be designated to the ENC Fund unless otherwise specified. 

Please make gifts payable to Eastern Nazarene College and specify the fund in the memo section (lower left portion) of the check. To make a gift by credit card, call 866.480.2291 or give online by specifying the desired fund in the “Other” section and using the “Comments” section for additional information. If you would like ENC to send acknowledgment to the individual or family, please provide their full name and address with your gift. Note: we do not include gift amounts when notifying the individual or family unless specifically instructed to do so.

Athletic Roundtable

Do you know someone who is in the athletic program at ENC? Did you play a sport when you were here? Or perhaps you enjoy going to ENC sporting events? All gifts to the Athletic Roundtable help to pay for uniforms, equipment, travel and competition for our current athletic teams. You can make a general gift to the ENC Athletic Roundtable, or note a specific sport you would like to support. Go Lions!

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