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Shields_300Memorial and Shields Halls are available to all male students to help foster and build relationships. Memorial Hall is named in honor of those who served and died in the Second World War. Shields Hall is named in honor of the first president of Eastern Nazarene College, Frederick James Shields. There are single and double rooms in each building. Each floor has its own community bathroom as well as a lounge. Memorial Hall also has The Underground which is a common area for men and women to socialize. This common area has cable, a pool table and table tennis.

Munro Hall was the first building constructed by Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts and is named for the founding dean of the College, Bertha Munro. Munro Hall houses female upperclassmen only and has a combination of single, double, and triple suites. There are two shared bathrooms and one lounge/prayer room on each floor. There is a kitchenette and one large parlor, which are both shared by all the residents of Munro Hall.

willy_spange_300 Spangenberg & Williamson Halls are named for Alice Spangenberg and Esther Williamson, both distinguished long-time professors of English and Music at Eastern Nazarene College. "Spange & Willy" house predominantly sophomores and freshmen, respectively, and are residence halls for female students only. Two women share each room and there is a shared bathroom on each floor, as well as a lounge. There is a parlor and kitchenette in Spangenberg Hall.

Young Hall
houses upperclassmen males and females. Rooms are suite style living and are for groups of four residents. The rooms come standard with a private bathroom, kitchen area with built-in sink, air conditioning unit, common room, and two bedrooms. Each floor has a common area lounge for residents, and the third floor lounge is designated as a study room. Traditional student housing is on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.The 1st and 2nd floors are reserved for married students and faculty/staff housing.   


All Residence Halls are alcohol and smoke-free


There is one Resident Assistants (RA) on each floor in all residence halls. An RA is an undergraduate student hired by the Student Development Office through a competitive process. RAs work to develop community within the building through programming, getting to know the residents and policy enforcement.

Each residence hall also has a Residence Director, who under the guidance of the Associate Dean of Residence Life, are professionals who serve and reside in their respective buildings. 

Room Amenities

Each student will have a twin bed and mattress, a desk and chair, and a wardrobe or dresser. All rooms have wall-mounted lighting and each room is painted off-white. Each room is also wired for satellite television and internet services and all have wireless internet access. The cost of these services is included in your room and board charges.

Meal Plans

All residence hall students are required to be on the university meal plan. The Pioneer College Caterers provides all dining services at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC). Dining halls are located in the Mann Student Center, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner served daily. On the weekends, brunch and dinner are served. For more information, you can check out dining services at ENC.

Housing Rates

Room prices differ depending on the type of room that you select. Please refer to the Cost of Attendance page for more information.   


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