John U. Free Seminar Series

The Physics and Engineering Department was proud to sponsor this very highly anticipated seminar series for a second time. This series encourages collaboration and information sharing between departments and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.

The John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series is held on Friday afternoons in the Spring Semester from 4:30-5:30pm in Shrader Lecture Hall. Presentations are open to all faculty, students, alumni, and interested members of the public.

To watch videos of the 2013 and 2014 presentations, please visit ENC's YouTube channel.

Spring 2014 John U. Free Physics and Engineering Seminar Series

Dates Presenters Topics and Abstracts (PDF)
February 7 Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
Recent Developments in Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction
February 14 Dr. Marcus Fries
Cryptocurrencies and a Discussion of Bitcoin
February 21 Dr. Carrie Read Spray
Cu2O and Delafossite Based Electrodes in Solar Energy Conversion
February 28  Dr. Joseph Williams
Lighting Candles in the Dark
March 7 Matthew Jayne (14)

Michael Bechard (14)
USB Charging System for Multispeed Bicycles
Instead of Flicking a Switch, Just Open the Door
March 28 Invited Speaker - Dr. David Vogan
Professor of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location: Ruth A. Cameron Auditorium in Mann Student Center
Inflatable Mathematics
April 4 Weston Jordan (14)

Joel Schaffer (14)
Computational Complexity of Inverse Problems
An Improved Method for Fast Paced Stat Keeping
April 11 Jacob Misla (14)

Ryan Piesco (14)
Remote Controlled Side View Mirrors for Improved Driving Conditions
APT Test as a Means to Improve Education Through Technology

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