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FUSION  (The molding of two entities into one cohesive unit.) This program is designed to challenge a student's approach to cross-cultural experiences. Students will be asked to wrestle with issues they are rarely exposed to and interact in a culture different from their own. The program is structured and designed to nurture the student’s prophetic imagination. This is one that compels individuals to critically challenge systematic structures and communicate God's hope for restoration.



Amidst the recent recognition of disunity in the United States, Ferguson is often considered "Ground Zero." It is the city from which #BlackLivesMatter became a national and even international conversation. This trip will focus on Reconciliation and Justice in context. Students will interact with church leaders, organizers, city officials, and residents to learn about the stories and structures involved in some of today's most challenging situations. We'll go with open ears with the hope of engaging each other in deep reflection and Christian action. This trip can connect with students of all majors, as the topic affects us all. Those interested in ministry, theology, philosophy, history, law, journalism, counseling, social work, and teaching may have a special interest in this focus and activities of this trip. Cost: $1,000 per person.


ENC students often miss the opportunity to connect with our city in missional ways.  The Center for Student Missions (CSM) is an organization connected to over 40 non-profits in the city and has arranged a week full of relational ministry, cross-cultural experiences and thoughtful ways to engage with the people who call Boston, home.  Any student may apply but for those with interest in non-profit work, early childhood education, education, social work, sociology, ministry, or if you moved to ENC from different country or different area of this country, this particular trip may have special interest to you. Cost: $510 per person.


Where is God and how does the work of the kingdom persist in the Persecuted Church?  Our week in Havana, Cuba will include moments of thoughtful discussion, physical labor, relational ministry and Spirit-filled worship with our brothers and sisters in Havana as we discover together how we might collaborate in reciprocal partnership on the campus of Cuba Nazarene Theological Seminary.  We would welcome any student but would encourage those with interest or gifts in Spanish, athletics (particularly softball, baseball or soccer), music, history, ministry, theology, journalism, business, agriculture or engineering may have a special interest in this trip. Cost: $1,525 per person.

If you would like to receive academic credit for the FUSION trip, sign up for "PM485: Practicum in Christian Ministry" on your Spring 2017 schedule.  It would be listed as a 3-credit course that can either count as elective OR contribute to a minor in Christian Ministry or Religion.  THIS IS SIMPLY AN OPTION.  You can be a part of a FUSION trip without receiving credit.  If you choose to sign up for PM485 and let the FUSION trip count for 3 credits, you will be need to submit a book review of an assigned text by Feb 28, 2017 and submit a reflection paper about the trip by March 31, 2017.

For more information contact Lynne Bollinger, Assistant Chaplain for Pastoral Care and Student Missions at or stop by Angell Hall Room 22.

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