Club and Organization Opportunities
There are a lot of campus clubs and organizations that you can get involved in at ENC! Check out this list, see what you might like, and then contact the club/organization president! If you have something in mind that you don’t see, then start one! Contact Executive SGA Administrative Assistant, Madeline McDonough for more details.


The primary goal of the ENC ALANA Student Group is to provide a space where cultural and racial diversity can be expressed and celebrated. With events that focus on the many cultures represented on campus, ALANA also seeks to educate the campus about the cultures that form ENC, so that students, staff and faculty can gain solid understanding of the greater ENC community and be hospitable to one another.
President: Woodlyne Altidor  Email:

Business Society
President: Leonardo Silva  Email: 

Chess Club
President: Garren Burt  Email:

English Club
The English Club strives to encourage greater creativity in writing and its members will have the opportunity to share their work in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Some events include poetry readings, workshops, and writing retreats.
President: Leahnora Anderson  Email:

History Club
ENC’s History Club is all about history—European History, American History, Medieval History, every kind of history! With events like Trivia Night, Movie Nights, and occasional trips to historical locations in the area, the History Club is all about encouraging students in their love of history. Whether you’re a history major, history minor, or just a lover of history, you’re welcome to join.
President: Jacob McAuliffe  Email:

Honors Scholar Program
The Honors Scholar Program seeks to provide access, rather than restrict entry, to students capable and willing to achieve academic honors and to fulfill the purposes of the Student Body of ENC. Through the events and overall mission, HSP looks to recognize honors students, develop leaders, and highlight students’ intellectual and moral bases.

Honors Program Director E-mail:

I and I Step Team
President: Michelee Chery  Email:

Investment Club
President: Leonardo Silva  Email: 

National Alliance for Mental Illness
President: Amanda Wasser  Email: 

Robotics Club
President: James Cahill  Email: 

Rugby Club
President: Dan Compitiello  Email: 

Shrader Club
The Shrader Club, will provide for and serve the students’ interests in biology and chemistry by offering opportunities that will enhance the academic, emotional, and spiritual experience at ENC. Formerly Beta Phi Mu & Chi Lambda Chi, the Shrader Club will hold movie nights and professional discussions within the topics of biology and chemistry.
President: Michael McCarthy  Email:

Student Association of Social Work
Student Association of Social Work, also known as SASW, works to make ENC’s Social Work Program visible to the campus community. Through events like pottery night, Social Work Month activities, service projects, and participation in the Homecoming Street Fair, SASW hopes to create awareness on issues within the field of Social Work.
Presidents: Emily Ansel & Jaime Hultgren  Emaisl:

Swim Club
The purpose of Swim Club is to promote healthful activity through swimming together at the YMCA. Each week events will be held in which participants meet and swim together—casually or athletically—at Quincy’s YMCA.
President: Sarah Briggette  Email:

Team Fatty
Team Fatty, a group that fosters a judgment-free environment for people who may be self-conscious about their physical talents, and encourages students to participate in intramural athletics. This group strives to demonstrate that everyone can participate in sports, as well as regularly raising money to help negate world hunger.
President: Nathan Mann  Email:

Women in Science
President: Samantha Williams  Email:

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