Kyle Lally
Kyle Lally

Major: Environmental Science
Year of Graduation: 2014
Internship: South Shore Natural Science Center

Kyle Lally (‘14) of Danvers, Massachusetts is currently interning at the South Shore Natural Science Center (SSNSC). Through a partnership with SSNSC, students are able to obtain an internship and work with the science center and tailor it toward their interests.

“We went there for lab- Topics in Environmental Science,” Lally said, explaining how he first became connected with the science center. He continued, sharing why he applied for the internship, “They are in close proximity to the college’s campus, the [experience in applicable] science, and I like their turtles.” SSNSC is part of the Mass Wildlife Headstart Program for red bellied cooters, an endangered turtle.

Lally goes to the science center on the weekend, and does a variety of odd jobs. “It ranges. Anything from going around and feeding the animals, like their iguana named Spike, turtles, and their chickens. I also do various odd jobs. At one point I made a trellis, I’ve done gardening work, and I’ve painted.”

Working alongside SSNSC’s naturalists, Lally assisted with identifying salamanders and collecting relevant data, creating and installing cover boards, and identifying the various species of oak trees on the property.

He is also in charge of checking the camera traps that were installed early in the fall by ENC’s Conservation Biology lab. The cameras are used to identify what animal species are living on SSNSC’s property.

“Aside from making connections with professionals,” Lally shared, “I am learning the various in-and-outs of a scientific non-profit, how to care for various animals, and various conservation techniques.”

ENC students can visit SSNSC for free, located at 48 Jacobs Ln, Norwell, MA.
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