Michael Amaral
Michael Amaral

Year of Graduation: 2011
Major: Bachelor of Arts, Music
Graduate School: M.Med candidate, Gordon College
Current Career Positions: Music Teacher, Danvers Public Schools; Director of Worship and Music, Central Baptist Church, Quincy, MA; Founder, South Shore Performing Artist Series; Founder, Amaral Music Services"How did ENC prepare you for your career and life beyond college?"
Eastern Nazarene College encouraged me to get out beyond the campus and put all that I learned in her academic halls into hands on practice. I was also taken under the wing of a few faculty members of the music department that mentored me both professionally and personally. Without these two key experiences, I feel I would not be where I am today. I’ve also shared wonderful conversations with my colleagues about their experiences in their undergraduate education experience and I still have yet to hear of any other educational institution that provides those same experiences.

Through my practical experience and the resources provided through my advisors I was given the tools to set out and get started. I feel that my training for my career was like making a fine meal -­ you could make anything you want, but the taste won’t be as satisfying without the quality ingredients. My classes, professors, outside learning opportunities, physical resources, and networking were all the ingredients to my success. Also to this day, I still call upon my mentors and advisors as I continue my quest in life-­long learning and continue to develop my career.

"What is your vision for the South Shore Performing Artist Series?"
I started the South Shore Performing Artist Series as a side project in my senior year at Eastern Nazarene. I wanted to build my resume, support my church, and really start to network with professionals in the Greater Boston Area all while upholding the tradition of music and sharing this art form with the public. It wasn’t until I really got going with this project that the true goals of SSPAS came to life. The mission of SSPAS is to work with community partners, local artists, and professionals to provide concerts with a high caliber of musical excellence at an affordable venue. To put it simply, we love to make music and love to help our community.

We work with new and emerging artists to help them build their repertoire and provide performance experience and we also bring in seasoned professionals to give full length concerts. The common thing among everyone that volunteers or performs with us is the love of music and love of our community.

After just a few seasons, SSPAS has hosted ensembles from the Boston area and even Eastern Nazarene’s own musicians! Although a completely self-­sustaining business model, SSPAS is hosted by Central Baptist Church and is sponsored by my company, Amaral Musical Services. We’ve also been able to work with local charities to make an impact both at home and abroad. My vision as the SSPAS moves forward is to continue to let it grow into a strong pillar of artistic expression and community involvement and never loose the goal of helping others.
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