Kenny White
Kenny White

Major: History
Minor: Youth Ministry
Year of Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Orleans, MA

What have been the most enriching/satisfying/stretching elements of your time here at ENC?
Two things come to mind: the camaraderie amongst history majors, and working with the West in the World class. The History department here is like a family, we all know each other very well, we do department dinners, and we have one of the most active clubs on campus. I may be a little biased, but I would have to say the history department is one of the most tightly knit groups of students here on campus. Regarding West in the World, working with freshmen as the Supplemental Instruction leader for 2 years was an amazing experience, topped off by actually teaching the class when Professor McCoy went to Europe for a week. All of this was an amazing learning opportunity that allowed me to meet a ton of people, especially incoming freshmen, and it was a very practical experience in how to talk in front of people and teach them.

How did you come to be a History major with a minor in Youth Ministry?
When I started here at ENC I was a double major in History and Education, with a plan to go into teaching History and absolutely no desire to study religion or pursue this as a career option. Things began to change in my sophomore year when towards the middle of second semester I felt a calling towards youth ministry. Then at the beginning of my junior year I decided that I definitely wanted to be a youth pastor, but still had no plans to change my major. It wasn’t until the end of the first semester of my junior year that I finally decided to drop my education major and pick up a minor in youth ministry.

How do you think your experience as a History major helped shape you in preparing for Youth Ministry?

Religion is history. The Bible is a history of God’s people and how He has guided them through the fall and back into life through His son Jesus Christ. It is impossible to study the Bible without knowing the historical events that are going on throughout the world at the time. Honestly I think it has been helpful for me majoring in something other than religion. Even if I had known at the beginning that I was going to pursue being a youth pastor, I still would have majored in history. It has helped me become a better-rounded person, and history has taught me how to write and research, something that I’m going to have to do frequently if I’m going to be writing sermons and youth lessons.
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