Maegan Bourne
Maegan Bourne

Majors: History, Business
Minor: Pre-Law
Year of Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Seaford, DE
Student Activities: Manager of ENC Store (2014-2015), Gospel Choir, Administrative Assistant for History Club, Administrative Assistant for Executive Student Government Association, student employee at ENC Store & ENC Archives

What have been your favorite activities as an ENC student?
Whether it’s through our SGA (Student Government Association), or one of our many clubs, there are tons of events offered to ENC students. I have many favorite annual events—the Boston Harbor Cruise, Nazzy Idol, Octoberfest, and Lip Sync, just to name a few, but there are so many activities available to ENC students because of our location. We host a number of great lectures on campus throughout the year, and the History Club (and others) venture into the greater Boston area to see and hear well-known professors and authors speak on their favorite subjects.

How have you benefited from your involvement with student activities on campus?

After arriving on campus, it was very easy to get plugged in to student activities. In the past two years, I have spent most of my time with the Gospel Choir and the History Club.
Being a part of ENC’s Gospel Choir has dramatically influenced my experience at ENC. Singing with over 60 of my peers for church congregations across the region is indescribable. As part of the choir, I’ve traveled to Washington D.C., Maine, and New York, improved my singing voice, and bonded with the choir members in crazy ways.
The greatest benefits, however, are undoubtedly from my active participation in the History Club. I served last year as the club’s administrative assistant, and I loved all of the organization and planning for movie nights, game nights, Boston excursions, and other events. Being so involved not only kept my secretarial skills intact, it’s allowed me to be more involved in my favorite major, and keeps me connected with fellow history majors, as well as attracting non-history majors.

How has being a history major influenced your student experience at ENC?
I do love history, but things probably would have been much different for me if it weren’t for the professors I’ve had. The history department may be smaller than some others, but that has made my experience all the better. I am quite close with my fellow history majors; I have great relationships with my professors and their families; and I’ve been introduced to topics in history that I probably never would’ve touched on my own. The history professors are also notably connected to the community, which has given me opportunities that I never could’ve imagined.
In my first two years, I have attended lectures on World War II, the idea of progress, and the Holocaust, including one by Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. I’ve also been a part of many History Club excursions—a bike trip around historic Boston, a few museum visits, and several historical movie nights.
I love history; the major has benefited me, no doubt. But it certainly wouldn’t have been the same without such instrumental professors.
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