Meghan Holden
Meghan Holden

Majors: Environmental Science / Communication Arts, Journalism + Writing
Year of Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Stoneham, MA

For my internship I was working at the Wolf Education and Research Center (WERC) in Winchester, Idaho. I had the privilege to work alongside WERC’s wildlife biologist, assistant biologist, and two other interns. We shared camp on top of a mountain in Nez Perce tribal land. We managed (feeding, observing, socializing with, educating people about) a pack of wolves, and two other individual wolves.

What did the typical day look like?
Not only did I get to interact with the wolves on a daily basis, I worked in the visitor center greeting and talking to visitors who came to see and learn about wolves. I conducted tours for guests to meet the wolves. I also gave a couple of programs about wolves over the summer at Winchester Lake State Park and at a National Historic Park for the Nez Perce, all the while living in a tent without running water or electricity.

What have you learned from this experience?
Aside from expounding on my presentation skills and self-confidence, I learned a lot about wolves. My boss was adamant about having the wolves teach us about their species. So compounded with our literature research of wolves, I learned more about wolf behavior than I thought I would. It’s true that working on a personal level with something that a person is interested, in my case wolves, superficial interest becomes passion, and could even earn a title such as Entry Level Wolf Biologist.

Do you see yourself doing something similar to this in the future?
Some aspects of it I would like to do in the future: interpretation, wolf biology, conservation, tenting, and animal care- absolutely; however, I don’t think I can be so far from an ocean and civilization.

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