Austin Steelman
Austin Steelman

Having earned a perfect score on his SAT exam, Austin (13) had his choice of colleges to attend. He selected ENC, where he was a dual History and Physics major. It was a decision he says he hasn’t regretted for a second (See full article in The Christian Scholar (PDF). Certainly, his achievements at ENC attest to his fulfillment of the promise suggested by his SAT performance. Austin earned membership in the national History Honors Society and the Athlete Honor Society, and won awards for Outstanding Freshman for Physics and History, and both the Outstanding Senior award in the History Department and the Outstanding Male Student award for the graduating class of 2013. Austin also starred on the men’s tennis team, winning Commonwealth Coast Conference Tennis Player of the Year during his junior year, and he was elected to the Executive Council of the Student Government Association as Director of Recreational Life during his senior year. As a result of his outstanding academic record at ENC and a near-perfect score on his LSAT exams, Austin entered Harvard Law School in the Fall of 2013.
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