Ryan Ardrey
Ryan Ardrey

My decision to pursue social work education was in some ways a happy accident. It was accidental because I knew next to nothing about the profession and happy because of the many ways it provided me opportunities to fulfill my calling to serve others both in the church and the community.

By the time I started college God was clearly nudging me down the path toward ministry in the church. I was given a burden for people who were hurting and marginalized and who needed a touch from God. Traditionally, that touch came when an individual entered the doors of the church. However, it soon became clear to me how often a social worker can be God’s agent in communicating the incarnational truth of Christ.

After I graduated ENC it was a seamless transition into graduate school and 12 months later I received a Masters degree in Social Work. With degree in hand I became a case manager and director of a shelter for families. It was there I stretched all the skills I learned from helping young mothers care for a newborn child to writing policy and designing program services. After working for three years, I landed in Kansas City to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary. It’s hard to say what is next for me but I can feel confident in the ways God has equipped me through my Social Work education and experience
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