Julianna MacFarland
Julianna MacFarland

Majors: History and Business (Marketing)
Year of Graduation: 2014
Hometown: Jupiter FL
Internship: Marketing Department at Propel Marketing in Quincy, MA
Update: Following her internship, Julianna received an offer to work full-time for Propel Marketing as a social media strategist.

I do anything and everything I can to help the marketing department meet deadlines, educate themselves on the newest Propel products, and keep organized with department schedules and projects. I read and research business/marketing e-books to help the Propel team of e-book and blog writers keep up to date. I keep the department vacation, events, and product release calendars and update them with new releases and activities. I attend meetings with the Marketing Director and act as another set of ears. Occasionally I get to write copy or suggest lines for a product release, email, or brochure. (That’s my favorite part!)

How did you hear about this internship and what made you want to apply?
Since I'm a rising senior, when I was trying to figure out what to do with my summer, I looked for internships that had a real possibility of turning into jobs come May. ENC uses Propels Marketing services for their Adult and Graduate Studies Division. I figured a large company like Propel (grown over 100 employees in the last year) needed interns so I emailed the sales representative who worked with ENC’s case, and asked about interning.
Propel Marketing is a positive, creative, fast-paced, artistic environment where self-expression and new ideas are valued. Not only does Propel make sense when I look at my majors, but I would love to work there. An internship that you like, with intelligent, hard-working people, in a great location, with a company that has plenty of long term growth potential, there was no way I could turn down the opportunity.

What have you learned from this experience?
I have learned that the real world moves quickly, expects the best, and appreciates initiative. Being able to speak up about what you are honestly capable of, willing to do or try, and what you do not yet know how to do, is not only appreciated, but proves that you are willing to work hard and go above and beyond. If you have a question, speak up! If you want to learn how to do a particular task, ask someone to teach you. Much like college, you only get out of a job, what you choose to put in.

How did ENC help prepare you for this internship?
Thanks to ENC’s strong desire to provide jobs for students, I have worked in career services, food services, admissions, sales, marketing, and education planning. Each job taught me about myself, how I interact, how work should or should not be done, and what I was looking for in a career after graduation. The wide variety of opportunities prepared me for any and every sort of job.

How is this internship preparing you in your career path?
Propel is exactly the kind of company I want to work for, and by interning there, I am not only learning skills directly related to my major, but hopefully crafting a position come graduation time. Interns are often first pick when a companies looking to hire, so if there is a company you want to work for, become an intern! If they don’t have an internship program yet, ask anyway. Remember… initiative matters!
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