Matthew Nieto
Matthew Nieto

Major: Sports Management
Year of Graduation: 2013
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Internship: Sports Media and Communications Office at Harvard University

How did this internship prepare you in your career path?
This internship has introduced me to the realm of behind the scenes work in a collegiate athletics department and has guided me in taking steps to ultimately achieve my career goals.

What have you learned from this experience?
Being a Sports Information Director (SID) at any level requires a great amount of time, patience, and effort. There is so much work that goes into devoting pristine sports information through a top school such as Harvard. If employees have to stay late working on a project, they know hard work is usually rewarded, and this type of attitude is essential in becoming successful.

Do you see yourself doing something similar to this in the future?
I can see myself working in the media relations department at the collegiate level. My goal one day is to become an athletic director at a top tier university. Harvard University has generously aided me in fulfilling this goal and I am looking forward to working after college.
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