Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill

Question:  What has been your journey going through ENC and beyond?

The first session of the first class I took at ENC was early AM digital logic, and even though I showed up late, it was the beginning of a great educational experience for the next 4 years. The amount of hands on learning provided a great foundation for an internship I was selected for in the FBI's Engineering and Research division. For a few months after graduating, I worked for a small business that designed and manufactured precise thermo-electric cooling systems, primarily doing acceptance testing before the units were shipped out. I started my first full time job in the fall of 2009 as an intern with the US Army at the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate. This job was nothing but cool; having known nothing about night vision prior to the job, I spent a lot of the time learning on the job for the first year. Learning the business end of engineering sneaks up on you when getting into the real world as well. I spent three years there in a systems engineering role supporting advanced night vision development and prototyping projects. After getting married to Jacqueline Gressett, another ENC engineering grad, I was able to transfer within the Army to Aberdeen Proving Grounds where I now work in the Aircraft Survivability field.

Question: How has ENC helped you prepare for your career?

My first day at ENC I switched my major to electrical engineering, which was one of the better decisions I've made in my life. Small class sizes, professors with varying backgrounds in industry and research, and other students equally driven and interested in the field all contributed to the solid preparation that ENC provided for my career.
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