Becca  VanAmburg
Becca  VanAmburg

Question: What have you been up to since you graduated from ENC?

I graduated from ENC with a degree in EE and a minor in mathematics in the spring of 2009. After graduating from ENC, I headed back to Maryland and began working for the Army Research Laboratory as an analyst. At ARL, I work on personnel and personnel protective equipment analysis. ARL has a human vulnerability model that I use to set up various threats vs. human target scenarios. Using this model, I then analyze what injuries a service member would sustain from the threat, as well as, how well body armor is protecting the service member from injuries. Currently, I also work with the Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC) program which looks at injuries that are occurring in combat. I look at the injuries that our killed in action and wounded in action service members are sustaining and analyze the data looking for injury trends. I also analyze the injury data to determine if new types of body armor would be effective in preventing the injuries being sustained. While working at ARL, I also went back to school and earned a masters degree of science in operations research (applied math) from Florida Institute of Technology.

I live in Maryland with my husband Andy, who is also graduated from ENC with an electrical engineering degree, and my son Kyle.

Question: How has ENC helped you prepare for your career?

ENC has played a vital role in where I am today. The education that I received at ENC was top notch and prepared me for the job that I have today. While my current job is more math related than engineering, my education at ENC taught me how to think critically, which is what I need to do as an analyst. Sure, learning about circuits and Fourier transforms is important, but I really feel that being taught and mentored by Christian professors was even more important. It was such a blessing to have professors that genuinely cared about how you did in their class and were willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure that each student succeeded. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at ENC and I received a great education. I also met my husband in general physics, who says you don't get something out of physics!

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