Peter Doane
Peter Doane

ENC Alumni Achievement Award

Year of Graduation: 1979
Major: Biology
Graduate school: M.D. Loma Linda University School of Medicine, 1983
Hometown: Bristol, NH
Current Career Position: Newfound Family Practice, a local family medical practice; Assistant chief of staff at Franklin Regional Hospital, Franklin, NH

What are some of your favorite memories at ENC?
Making some great friends (meeting my wife). Really enjoyed going to Kings Tourney. We started the Biology club while I was there and had many great times and outings. My most favorite memory is taking a marine biology course with Doc McLaren We went and studied the Florida Everglades, Florida Keyes and spent a week sailing to the Bahamas to scuba dive and study there. We actually did work and had a final at the end of the class.

What was the college experience like for you?
It was very positive being in a Christian environment. This allowed for person growth of my faith. The academics at ENC are also rigorous and I felt like I received excellent training that prepared me well for medical school.

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