Neil Nicoll
Neil Nicoll

ENC Alumni Achievement Award

Year of Graduation: 1968
Major: History
Graduate school: Springfield College – Community Development, 1972
Hometown: Braintree, Ma.
Current Career Position: President and CEO - YMCA of the USA

How did your education prepare you for your career and life beyond college?
More than anything else my years at ENC taught me how to think critically, how to analyze issues and balance decisions against a personal value system. The broad liberal arts education gave me a perspective on life that has helped me throughout my career appreciate the diversity of views in the world and how to find bridges to common understanding.

How did ENC help you “discover your purpose”?

I would say ENC helped me affirm how I wanted to spend my life. The opportunity each day to know that in some way I am making a contribution to improving people’s lives is what keeps me going. ENC provided the opportunity through academics, part-time jobs, friendships to know I was on the right path for me early on.

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