Jim Hammer
Jim Hammer

Year of Graduation: 1985
Major: Chemistry
Graduate school: ENC, M.Ed. 1987, Secondary Education
Hometown: Uxbridge, MA
Current Career Position: Director of Research and Development with Pharmasol Corporation; Owner of Mix Solutions consulting firm. Former Director of Research and Development with Shuster Laboratories/STR.
Accomplishments: Several US Patents and recognized expert in the beauty industry as “Cosmetic Chemist Jim Hammer”; frequently quoted in magazine and newspaper articles and websites. Formulation, product development and commercialization of many very successful consumer products, ranging from household cleaners and detergents, to dietary and sport supplements, to health and beauty aids, to OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals.  Singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboard player with contemporary Christian musical group “CrossWalk.” Producer, arranger, and featured artist on over ten musical recordings, including the Garritan Orchestra Christmas CDs. Husband to Sue, and father of two daughters, Rebecca and Lauren.

What was the college experience like for you?
I enjoyed college, especially the Christian aspects of ENC. Coming from a public school background, it was so different to have professors who would open class with prayer, and who were genuinely concerned about each one of their students. I liked that ENC was a small college too; I was not just “a number”, it was easy to get to know people, to meet with my professors, and in my case, we actually got to use the analytical instruments in the Chemistry lab. It was great being able to spend time with other Christian students. Going to college in an area which was in close proximity to Boston was very convenient, and having the “T” just a short walk away was perfect. ENC also offered a range of activities which allowed me to not only pursue my major, but also to pursue other outside interests as well.

How has your ENC education prepared you for your career and life beyond college?
My life has sort of gone down a couple distinct paths, and ENC helped to prepare me for both. ENC gave me the skills to channel my creative energies into a commercially viable field, called formulation chemistry. I now spend my days creating exciting new product formulations, products which impact the lives of people on a daily basis. And ENC gave me many opportunities to hone the musical skills which have brought me an enormous amount of satisfaction over the years.

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