Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson

Year of Graduation: 2001
Major: Environmental Science (I believe I was the first ever graduate from the Env. Science major program, since its inception in 1997)
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Current Career Position: Project Manager / Sr. Environmental Scientist
Accomplishments: 10 years experience in career; just recently launched my own company,

Who from ENC had the greatest impact on you?
I have to hand it to a few professors. Professor Twining was able to acclimate my major to a real world perspective. He had some real working world experiences which he brought into the classroom. He was always very practical and logical. I could talk to him on just about any topic.

Doc McLaren is an “old school” teacher who was able to put a “new world” spin on things. He was key on focusing on academics, but realizing having fun is almost as important. I ran the ski club and studied abroad with him. On one occasion, he made me miss a soccer game when we had an ecology lab scheduled for that same day. He made it known where his priorities were. He could have used some athletics in his life, I once saw him run from a sea lion in New Zealand. The sea lion was gaining on him, but stopped running when it realized Doc was more than it could chew. Looking back on that one still makes me laugh.

I also really liked the poise and dedication of Dr. Lowell Hall. It was obvious that he had a great deal of patience and passion for the classroom. He was truly interested in what the students had to say. On one occasion in his class we had to do an experiment on water hardness. I hauled 40 ounce bottle of water back from a Switzerland mountain stream when I was there on a school ski trip (go figure who set that one up). Dr. Hall’s eyes lit up when I walked into the classroom with “foreign” water. He seemed thrilled at the opportunity to compare results from ENC’s lab water vs. the Swiss Alps. I really enjoyed working with him.

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