Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado

Year of Graduation: 1996
Major: Bachelor of Arts, Music Performance (Trumpet)
Graduate school: Penn State University, 2000, Master of Music in Conducting (Vocal Performance)
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal, then East Providence, RI
Current Career Positions: Emerson College, P/T faculty; Delgado’s Music Studio, Private Instructor; Freelance music director, composer, arranger, and performer
Accomplishments: Successful full-time dad, husband, and constantly working musician; 3-time IRNE Award winner for Outstanding Music Direction; have won at least 2 frappes from Dr. Shetler

What was the college experience like for you?
Immeasurably rewarding, often challenging, a lot of fun, way too brief and fast-moving, and even (shocker!) tremendously enlightening intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. If I’m completely honest, though, I would say that I did not take full advantage of all of the opportunities I had available to me so in that regard it’s a bit bittersweet, but I’m truly grateful for those times that I DID get it together and really made something happen both personally and professionally. I can very easily trace back much of my “chops” today to what I learned from the incredible musicians and educators on the faculty.

How has your ENC education prepared you for your career and life beyond college?
My time at ENC helped make me aware that I will never run out of things to learn – EVER! As a musician, a dad, a Christian, an intellectually curious human being – across the board, I can trace my hunger for professional and personal achievement in life back to many of the roots that took hold while I was there – a BIG thank you also to Mike Schutz (then chaplain, life mentor, friend and all-around butt kicker to many of us). I believe I possess more academic and life “knowledge” now than I ever have, which means I’m in the perfect place to self-assess and realize that, relatively speaking, I know sooo little and have soooo much more to learn about the world of music, the craft of composing/arranging, handling disappointment, leading an often crazy multi-tasking life, love in all of its machinations, the vast universes of marriage and parenthood, career, ambition, disappointment – all of it. I’m a baby!

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