Maureen (Wall) Fish
Maureen (Wall) Fish

Year of Graduation: 2001
Major: Communication Arts - Theatre Arts
Graduate school: Emerson College, 2006, Theatre Education
Hometown: Abington, MA
Current Career Position: Drama Teacher at Hingham Middle School
Accomplishments: Married in 2003 to Daniel Fish (03). Two children, Violet Elisabeth and Lucy Alexandra.

What was the college experience like for you?
Much of my time was spent in rehearsal! To some it might sound tedious or repetitive, but I loved that I was constantly learning. Not just the notes to "Faure's Requiem," or blocking for "Kiss Me, Kate", but the manner in which great rehearsals and lessons are executed, and the worth of the relationships that are cultivated there. It taught me the value of finding the joy in the process, not just the performance; a fantastic life lesson.

Who from ENC had the greatest impact on you?
There are so many individuals from ENC that have had a lasting impact on my life, professors and students alike; in particular, Professor Mike Ballard and Dr. Timothy Shetler. Both men are amazingly talented and accomplished in their respective fields, and yet incredibly humble. I was deeply affected by what they were "teaching when they weren't teaching:" the importance of their faith, greeting each student with respect and as an individual, and, most of all, their devotion to their art and how they use it to glorify God. I strive to emulate these attitudes in my own teaching. I'm deeply grateful to have learned from them.

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