Leigh (Killberg) Purinton
Leigh (Killberg) Purinton

Emerging Leader Award Alumni Award

Year of Graduation: 1996
Major: Communication Arts
Graduate school: After graduation, I spent one semester in Los Angeles, CA attending the Los Angeles Film Studies Center
Hometown: Fairfax, VA. I am currently living in Los Angeles, CA
Current Career Position: Television Producer
Accomplishments: Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmy Awards; Member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; Member of the Producers Guild of America; Currently the Line Producer on CBS daytime talk show “The Talk”

What are some of your favorite memories at ENC?
So many to choose from! Considering I was a late addition to the freshman line-up, I ended up on a great floor. The women I met on my floor were amazing and we stuck together all the way through my senior year. I remember the late night talks with the girls, the long tetras games in my room, the trips into Boston, and a lot of laughing.

How has your ENC education prepared you for your career and life beyond college?
ENC provided a great foundation for me both personally and professionally. I was encouraged and challenged for 4 years as I not only followed my passion for a career in television, but also was exposed to other interesting studies and extra curricular activities, which helped, give me a complete college experience. Serving as Student Body President during my senior year was an honor and gave me the opportunity to travel both in the United States and in Brazil. It also gave me the opportunity to speak before many groups on a variety of levels, which paved the way for where I am today. ENC was also a great community. My time at ENC also provided me with a great spiritual foundation and encouragement through various bible studies. That tradition has carried on and my husband and I continue to participate in a small group similar to what I experienced at ENC. It’s a great source of support and accountability. It has also been fun to watch this group grow as we all have children now. Between keeping up with a busy work schedule and a very busy 2-½ year old, it’s great having friends to support us.

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