Jeff Frame
Jeff Frame

Year of Graduation: 1985
Major: Communication Arts (Theatre)
Graduate school: MA Emerson College (theatre education); PhD (ABD) Middle Tennessee State University (English/film studies)
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland
Current Career Position: Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts / Film at Trevecca Nazarene University
Accomplishments: Producer of 76 theatre productions at Trevecca and director of 45 of those; Founder and director of The MasterWorks Touring Company (a University-supported drama education team at Trevecca performing for school children grades K-6 throughout the regular school year). (1990-2000); Consultant for Nazarene Publishing House (1998-2008); Presenter at numerous conferences, published in journals, and author of two books: Intermission: Spiritual Refreshment for the Drama Ministry Team (2001) and (with Kim) Early to Rise: Sketches to Recover the Meaning of Lent and Easter (2003).

What was the college experience like for you?
My experience at ENC was a great time for me to learn to become independent as an adult, to become disciplined as a student who cared about the work that God had set my hands to in the arts, and to take responsibility for my commitment to Christ. So much of my four years at ENC felt like it was about social life and, in many ways, it really was—from the never-a-dull-moment dorm life to concerts on the road to boosting box office revenue at the Wolly movie theatre! But, the subtext of social life, coursework, and chapel at ENC consistently came back to the same bottom line: discovering God’s calling on my life.

Who from ENC had the greatest impact on you?
Faculty who changed me forever in the most positive ways include Ronda and Carl Winderl and Henry Spaulding (each of them are still my dear friends). What’s cool is that I’ve had the privilege to teach alongside them, too, at ENC and TNU—it’s a never-ending story. Their influence on me extends far beyond the reaches of the classroom, and I’m deeply thankful for their obedience to God in allowing Him to shape my life (and the lives of so many others) through the ripple-effect of their faithful teaching and fellowship. In the classroom, Jim and Ruth Cameron also had a significant hand in shaping my vision and inspiring me to dig for truth as a learner. Among ENC’s staff, the most meaningful influence on me was the daily witness of Rev. “Colonel” Saunders, who exemplified the kenotic life and care of Christ for me.

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