Prof. Giberson's critically acclaimed book to be in paperback

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Saving DarwinDr. Karl Giberson's most recent book Saving Darwin will be released in paperback in June. His other recent book, Oracles of Science, was released in paperback this month. Oracles was co-written with fellow science-and-religion expert Mariano Artigas.

Saving Darwin, published by HarperOne, has been a huge hit making it to the coveted Best Books of 2008 list by the Washington Post.

Giberson has just concluded a book tour on the west coast that included the "Writers by the Sea" symposium at Point Loma Nazarene University, where he talked about his odd journey from experimental physicist to writer; public lectures at Azusa Pacific University, The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and College of Idaho; a debate on the compatibility of evolution and Christianity at Biola University with John West, Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute; a full day of activities at Seattle Pacific University which concluded with a standing-room-only evening lecture; and a radio interview with United News & Information Christian Network. He also participated a two-part show on evolution and Christianity in the series "Things that Matter Most" out of Texas. (  For this series Karl was paired with Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute, a friendly critic of Saving Darwin.

Some of Karl's adventures promoting evolution to Christians, and creation to atheists, are summarized in a Darwin Day op-ed titled "Cursed are the Peacemakers" which appears in The Patriot Ledger.

Oracles of Science