Point Loma Nazarene Professor speaks to packed ENC crowd

RSS FeedQuincy, MA May 5 - Darrel Falk, a biology professor at Point Loma Nazarene University in California and author of Coming to Peace with Science, spoke last week about bridging the worlds of faith and biology. Falk began with a meditation on Scripture, which exemplified how humankind has been enjoying nature since ancient times. Just like enjoying a beautiful sunset is meditating on God, Falk said exploring science should be " a worship experience because it’s God’s creation and God’s truth." He therefore used the central part of his talk to explain genetics, and how certain mutations could be the root of gradual creation.

"Darrel is a biologist in the field of genetics who works towards understanding the connectedness of all of God’s creation," said Dr. Lowell Hall, a chemistry professor. "The approach Darrel Falk takes to bridging the worlds of religion and science features worship and mediation in Holy Scripture so that we can work together in Christian community to discover what God’s Word reveals to us."

Falk ended with prayer and then took questions and comments from the audience of faculty, staff, and students.