ENC: Fast Growing Black Enrollment Among Christian Colleges

RSS FeedWilliam BoozangEastern Nazarene College has one of fastest growing black enrollment among Christian colleges, reports the Journal for Blacks in Higher Education. Between 1997 and 2007, black enrollment more than tripled, making ENC eighth out of more than 100 schools in in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

ENC has done a lot to promote cultural and ethnic diversity. ENC has a fulltime Director of Multicultural Affairs, and an advocacy committee that meets to ensure that the backgrounds of all its students are embraced and celebrated. In fact, even the vision statement reflects the emphasis on diversity:

"Embracing its multicultural and urban environment, ENC prepares students to lead and serve in a diverse world by integrating 'the best in education and the best in Christian faith.'"

But it is much more than numbers for ENC.

"ENC has a commitment to reflect the Lord’s diverse kingdom," said Robert Benjamin, Director of Multicultural Affairs. "This is partly reflected in our numbers, but more so in our heartfelt desire to bring a diverse population to campus."

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