ENC Appoints Vice President for Institutional Advancement


Quincy, MA, February 19, 2007 - President Corlis McGee announces the appointment of Kendall M. Whittington as the next Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Eastern Nazarene College.

Whittington earned a Bachelor of Science in Management in 1986 and a Master of Science in Management in 1987 from Southern Nazarene University. Shortly after graduating, he qualified for training as a Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service. During ten years of service, Whittington's duties included coordinating the site protection plans for the President and First Lady, authoring two training manuals used by supervisors and agents, communicating with domestic & foreign government officials and testifying in grand jury and federal court proceedings.

He has also served as a Special Agent in the Department of the Treasury, conducting numerous complex criminal investigations involving counterfeit and forgery, participating in a multi-agency task force investigating significant bank fraud, and acting as liaison between the Office of the Inspector General and Treasury bureaus.

In May 2005, Whittington sensed God calling him to give up a beloved career. He left the Secret Service to join the full-time staff at Salem Fields Community Church, Fredericksburg, VA, as Strategic Leadership Pastor. He declares, "There is nothing more exciting or rewarding than God's assignments." As part of a growing and vibrant church of 1,500 members, he oversees all financial operations and serves as point person for a current construction project. Whittington's focus includes leadership for all programming and facilities development at a new campus location highlighting cutting-edge worship. He is "responsible for communicating, carrying, and living the vision." In relating his passion to "reach the lost for Christ," Whittington exemplifies a sensitivity to the Spirit, compassion for others, personal integrity, and a genuineness of character. This has also lead him to be an associate trainer for John Maxwell's EQUIP Ministries, serving most recently in Guatemala.

Through this diverse professional experience, Whittington became an expert at managing multiple tasks while prioritizing critical information. He brings to the VPIA position a strong background in management, oversight, strategic planning, detail orientation, personnel coordination, and confidentiality.

Whittington will officially begin work at ENC on March 12. His wife Cathy will finish the year as a fifth grade teacher and move to Quincy in June.